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Spa & Wellness
Take the time to relax in our facilities

At Aumallia Hotel & Spa, we work to make your stay with us memorable. The new Spa & Wellness area of ​​the hotel has the best facilities:

Sauna, Turkish bath, bithermal chromotherapy shower, multijet bi-thermal shower, swimming pool with underwater air beds, waterfall, swan neck and air bench with jet for twins and back (special for cyclists and athletes), water and tea service and sun loungers.

We also offer you body and beauty treatments, to give a vip touch to your holidays in Aumallia. Access only for +13

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    We will be hosting various Yoga Retreats throughout 2024. Do not hesitate to contact us to receive more information. You can find the Yoga Retreats available under "Packs & Promos"

    A form of bodywork in water

    Wataflow is a unique and powerful form of bodywork in the water. It is a meditation in motion, a dance in the sacred element of the water. Through the Wataflow we can connect with our emotional body because the water represents our feminine energy, our emotions.
    When the mind switches off, we can connect with a place inside ourselves where time and space doesn’t exist, it brings us back to our true nature.
    Holding someone with unconditional love and creating a save space for vulnerability can be a deep transformational healing experience, which feels like rebirthing.
    A Wataflow session includes sharing, the floating in the water and ends with a grounding part on the earth, where the body feels safe to release.

  • Yoga classes
    Start your day with energy

    We want to help your relaxation and well-being to be complete. Learn to listen to the body and mind with our free Yoga sessions for our guests. Enjoy Yin Yoga on Thursdays and Hatha Yoga on Sundays, both at 9 in the morning; the energy you need for your day.

    Hatha Yoga is known as physical yoga and is ideal for beginners. It is a very complete practice, combining strength, flexibility and concentration exercises. Learn to control your breathing and enter the world of meditation to grant yourself a total moment of relaxation.

    Yin Yoga is a practice based on the concepts of Yin and Yang. Although the postures are those of Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga is a practice where the muscles must be relaxed so that what is deeply stretched are the fascias or connective tissue. It is suitable for almost any physical condition and age.